Are You Ready to Sell Your Home

Planning to Sell Your Home

Don’t panic. Just because you’ve realized this truth, it doesn’t mean the for sale sign is going on the lawn tomorrow.

Step 1 - Questions to ask yourself:

When do I want to move?

Where will I be moving?

Do I need to down size my belongings?

Do I need to update my home prior to listing?

That’s enough to think about for step one. The first question on that list is the most important one. When? It’s currently April. Let’s say you want to be moved into your next address before the school year starts so September 1st is your date. You look around your house, including the outside and wonder where to start.

Step 2 - Your next step is to engage a real estate professional in your area. If one doesn’t immediately come to mind, call friends or look on line and select 3 to interview. Commonly your best choice will be a local agent who knows the market well, gives you a realistic price based on data, has good references, has a solid marketing and staging plan and genuinely makes a connection with you and your home.

Step 3 – The plan. With your chosen REALTOR® you will work on a plan to help you get ready. That will include updates, depersonalizing, packing, down sizing if needed, staging and setting a date for photos as well as list date. This process is done to work with your schedule and the markets schedule.

Those 3 steps are the hardest. Once you’re ready to open the door to the first buyer, you’re also ready to plan the big move with a shorter “to do” list.

Your real estate agent will help you get ready for your move as well as maximize your selling price.

The excitement from a home seller when they realize their home has sold for a great price in a short period of time is my favorite part.

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