With great respect and understanding, I watch my clients go through their journey buying or selling a home. It doesn’t comprise of that single moment but of the years leading up to that choice. For privacy sake I don’t share these details; only on occasion a generic action that would benefit the public.

I love writing and used to do it daily (to myself). At a young age (13-18) it was in journal form mingled with a bit of really awful poetry, attempts at drawing and then finally occasional metaphoric stories to articulate the life lessons I experienced.

It’s making me feel anxious to think of sharing my journey with you. What will you think? How will I feel sharing parts of my life with you? My being private has a lot to do with my instinct to protect myself, to avoid being judged. I’ll explain as I go along.

Let me start with why I’m writing.

I have exciting news! I bought a cottage.

Isn’t that an innocent and simple statement? It sure is.

This cottage brings me pure joy. It is represented in everything I’ve ever written, drawn or dreamt of. It is a reflection of me. It is a small space that I cannot become lost in, it’s well constructed, previously loved and nestled among the trees yet with a view to remind me of our vast world.

This is a special place that I have come to in my life where I’m finally my own person. I’m not an extension of someone else in their shadow. The relationships in my life are healthy and allow me space to breathe.

None of this has been easy.

Just like your journey; there’s always a story and a lot of unpleasant places to visit before the light shines.


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Most people, and you can understand why given that it's a municipal service, think that a municipal sewer line is the responsibility of the municipality/town. It isn't unfortunately. 

These lines over time warp, corrode, become blocked or forever damaged by tree roots. Fixing the problem can cost thousands of dollars. Picture calling the plumber, having him or her determine the problem and informing you the line has to be dug up from house to street and replaced. You are also responsible for patching municiple property, i.e. the ashpalt.

If you're buying a home in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia you'll be facing sewer lines made of cast iron, no-corrode, clay and plastic. If you see a beautiful tree on the property, panic. They love water and will go to great length's to seek it out which includes invading the sewer line. 

What do you do? You have the sewer line inspected by a plumber who has a high quality video line to run down the pipe. You'll see the actual footage (video) of what's in that pipe. It's well worth the few hundred dollars.

The older the location as in the gorgeous century homes in Wolfville, Kentville and Annapolis Royal, the more likely you'll find corrupt pipes.

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