Yesterday was going to be a full and productive day in my home office. I had goals to work on my CRM, tidy up a few transactions and deal with some new software that promised to make my life and my clients lives easier.

As I was bringing my accounting up to date I noticed a double charge by Microsoft. I logged into my bank account and sure enough I was charged twice for the same thing. This began at 10am. I went to the Microsoft website and looked at my account, no record of the charge. I began looking for the “contact us” section and ending up chatting on line to a non-person who was useless. 15 minutes later I find a phone number. On hold. 15 minutes later I’m speaking with a nice Spanish speaking man name Gil (I think). We have a confusing 30 minute discussion about how I wasn’t charged and me insisting I was (I was on hold again). He suggests I call my bank and we can have a three way conversation which should result in the huge amount of $90.85 being refunded. Gil had to walk me through how to do a three way call. I was quite pleased with myself to get the bank on the phone however I managed to have Gil firmly “On Hold” and no matter what I did he was not coming to the party.

The bank tells me this is a matter for the credit card division and would I please hold, again. It’s now 11:30. When the credit card person finally materializes, I go through my story all over again and he’s pleased that I called Microsoft first however since they are disputing the charge,  my credit card must be cancelled and I will be issued a new one. They stamp the file with “suspected fraud”. I did point out that it was likely human error. In my opinion if anyone was going to commit fraud they should aim a little higher. The credit card person didn’t find that amusing. I should receive the new card in 7-10 days. They will reverse the $90.85.

It doesn’t end there. Now I have to contact all the companies that run monthly fees through my card. It’s now 12:30. There are 6 firms. Only 3 would let me make the change on line. The other 3 required phone calls and more hold time. It’s now 2pm. I’ve missed making my diet lunch and my cat is asleep in my drawer.

What do I do at this point?

Make lunch and organized the tools in the basement. Marie Kondo would be proud.


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