Knowing What You Want

It's not easy during the initial conversation with a buyer or a seller to truly understand their perspective. It takes a few meetings and comes about by asking the right questions and above all else; listening.

A prospective Seller will show your their home, answer standard questions and expect a timely estimate of value on their home. The seller will often have a dollar value in mind that usually comes from either "what they paid + what they spent = what they can sell for" ,"what a neighbors house sold for." or "what someone, other than a local agent, told you your house is worth". The will also share why they want to sell so I clearly comprehend their motivation. Our conversation is completely confidential.

It's up to me to assist the homeowner in understanding that value is based on what comparable homes have sold in their marketplace iover the last 6-12 months. After that information is presented and absorbed ,we move on to the getting your house ready. As your REALTOR® I am going to do my best to obtain the most money available for your home. Your job is to make sure, with my help, to have your home market ready. Each homeowner is different and it's up to me to understand exactly what you can and cannot do and work around that for the same outcome - a home ready to show off and impress.

As a Buyers agent my first job is to clealy understand what you're looking for and why (family size, job location , budget, etc). You'll learn what my role is with you - to protect your interests and act soley as your agent, not an agent for the seller. First time buyers are the biggest challenge only because they are going through the learning process, not only with finding the right home but the good, bad and ugly with their purchase. For every buyer, what will it cost, what needs to be repaired, inspections, navigating around the endless paperwork and so much more can be stressful. It's my job to make it simple, enjoyable, exciting and successful. Buying a home is a massive committment and the more you tell me about what you like or don't like, the more likely I am going to be able to find you that right home. It's often one you weren't expecting. The process can take a few weeks or months; it's entirely up to you. I'm in it for the long haul.

Ultimately, your goal is my goal. 

What's my favorite part?

The happily ever after that comes with your new life. 


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