Move or Renovate

As a REALTOR® you would think I am a firm believer in home owners listing their home. That actually isn't true.

I have a great love of the before and after. When I'm showing homes to buyers I spend time with them helping them see what a property could be rather than what it currently is. There are so many properties with "good bones" in the Annapolis Valley; it's a sin to see them inch closer to obsolesence with neglect.

This year we are seeing our market shift from a buyers market in 2016 and half of 2017 to a full blown sellers market. Inventory is low, buyers are plenty and competing offers are common. What's going on?

We live in a province of abundance seen from the eyes of retirees, pre-retirees and young people who can't afford the larger markets in Toronto and Vancouver. While our economny doens't support high income it is bountiful in beauty, low crime, fertile soil and affordable housing for many.

Seniors in particular at the moment are finding they either don't want to leave their home or have no where to go. The rental market is ever shrinking in part due to the population shift and the attractive profitability of the AIRBNB opportunity.

The Canadian Home Builders Association has an informative website on where to start to renovate your home and make it work for you going forward. 

Here is the link:

If affordability is your first concern, sit down with your bank and discuss your options. 

The hardest part about any change whether it is listing your home or renovating is starting the process. 


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