My Spiritual Sunday and Cleaning Out The Fridge

It used to drive my ex-husband insane when I would turn the house upside on Sunday. His viewpoint was that it was a day of rest; a day to sit around and tinker with his hobbies and do nothing of consequence outside of his perimeter.

Me on the other hand sees it as a day to become reborn. The intensity of my week left no time for cleaning, personal organizing and getting back in touch with what I’m doing and why.

I haven’t changed.

This morning I woke up late because I could. Next thing coffee. The first thing my partner says to me when I’m standing in front of the coffee pot is “what would you like for dinner”?

I want coffee.

He wants to know what to take out of the congested freezer. I tell him I don’t care (mild panic hit me after the words stumbled out). He’s now hidden chicken and steak in the microwave so the cats don’t wander off with it while we’re not looking. His next statement (all this is happening within 3 minutes) is “we need groceries, what should I pick up”? He sees that I’m at a loss for words and tells me to write a list.

He soon leaves the home worried about his emotional safety.

Two cups of coffee later, fed the birds, sorted out my desk, returned client emails I settle into listening to a motivational speaker. Treadmill time, clean out the litter box and prep for laundry.

Feeling inspired; I look in the fridge.

My partner Gary is a great fan of regular weekly trips to the grocery store. I’m a firm believer in going based on need. He keeps cramming the fridge full of stuff we may or may not consume. He’ll buy food that requires preparation, a seemingly harmless activity. It makes me nervous. I work crazy hours. If I come home at 8pm I don’t want to cook nor do I want a sit down dinner. I feel like an abusive wifey. He’s pretty good about eating frozen pizza for dinner.

He does not clean out the fridge. I mention it at times and he changes the subject or wanders off. Is this a guy thing? It is he who stuffs it full of things I would not eat so I’m of the opinion that he should remove it when it’s deceased. The unopened bottle of Cheez Whiz was dated May 2015.

As you can see by the full contents of our compost bin I was yet again the brave one who popped those lids and scooped out the gross and green goop into its open mouth. I feel cleansed. I still haven’t made a grocery list. I’d rather it stay empty and rest. After all it is Sunday.

Have a beautiful day, your way


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