My Stuff, Your Stuff

If you’ve ever sold a property through me you’re heard me talk about “stuff”. It’s not my favorite conversation to have with a client simply because it’s potentially difficult.

Your belongings are in your life for a reason. Here are a few:

It was a gift

It belonged to my parent/grand parent

It belongs to my adult child

It might fit one day

There’s nothing wrong with it.

I might read it/watch it or listen to it again.

Now lets dissect the list:

Gifts – you don’t have to keep something just because someone gave it to you. It’s that simple. If you love it, then keep it. If you have it hidden in a box, let it go. It’s not spiritually connected to the giver. You will not be hexed for letting Value Village control its destiny.

Mementos – if they are in a box it’s time to make the tough decisions. You are not enjoying them. These things are hidden away in the dark not enlightening anyone’s life. Take photos of each thing and store them on your computer, this way they will get to come out and spark a little joy (I have not read Marie Kondo). Hidden in the box they only spark mold. Your kids do not want this stuff. Ask them first then do your thing. If it isn’t a part of your life front and center, delete.

Adult children – why do we think our kids are not capable of keeping their own stuff? Why do they run from having stuff? Their world is on a memory stick and they move often. They don’t want it. You’re used to being the custodian of stuff, guarding it like it was the original Mona Lisa. Next time the adult child comes over plop the box(es) of stuff in front of them and force them to go through it. Let them know that what they want will be going with them. End of stuff.

Clothing – By the time it fits it will be out of style. Stores will still be in style. What we forget as established adults is that we can afford to go to stores whether they be consignment stores or department stores. Keeping the size small only reminds us we are older and have changed. Get rid of it! Someone else will be thrilled with your ill fitting clothes. You can buy new ones.

There’s nothing wrong with it – yes there is; you don’t need it. You don’t use it, it’s not part of your daily life, you have 5 more. If you have 40 dinner plates just because you do, that’s not a good reason. Do you run a Bed and Breakfast? If no, get rid of them. Let your cabinets breathe. 

I might read/watch/listen to it again – highly unlikely.  CD’s and DVD’s are vanishing. If you still have tapes and VHS, omg stop! Books are beautiful and the likelihood of you rereading them are close to zero. Our tastes and available time change regularly. Review what you have and shrink it to 5% of what you started with; you will survive.

Today I’m not just writing this for you; I’m writing it for me. I have a number of boxes of stuff that belonged to my parents, I have clothes that don’t fit in abundance and countless other things that I don’t need and am forever stuffing further back into the depths of my storage area (pictured above). I need to purge, desperately.

There are two bright spots to this truth.

Someone out there needs this stuff (except the true junk and broken stuff) and will give it purpose.

I will feel 100% better about my life without it. Everything about the stuff is in the past. The past is a place I no longer live. I will always remember how I became who I am without one single tangible object to remind me.



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