Past, Present and Future

We’re all different; between DNA, geography and environment, it’s almost impossible for us to be the same.

From that point is born perspective. We think and feel differently based on our history. Each of us deserves to be treated with understanding as we move along through life with our own, specifically designed tool kit.

When I meet a client who wants to sell a home, or buy a home the first thing I do is ask a few note worthy questions and then listen. Who are you and what are your specific needs? The more you tell me the more I can help you as I get to know you better. I’m on your side, so please talk away.

I meet many who are nervous about their next move. Change is difficult. It’s not just the move (whether buying or selling), it’s the letting go of learned behavior. A buyer can be overly cautious and repeatedly miss out on the right home. A seller can be too apprehensive about listing and miss the market. I don’t push these people. I arm them with information and encourage them to learn, and plan so they can be comfortable with the next step.

Then there are those who are planners, deeply entrenched in trying to figure out their lives for the next 20 years. These folks live in the future. If they are buying a house they look at it to accommodate their retirement even though they have 3 children under the age of 10. Sellers might look to price a home to pay for their retirement when that number has nothing to do with market value. Having a plan is critical to success however knowing that plans can change is critical to life.

Those living in the present can be overly impulsive and at the same time take great joy in the process. Many of them are eager to learn and even though being cautious isn’t part of their nature, they do get the hang of digging a little deeper than the surface of a home. Over zealous sellers simply need to get their house ready instead of listing immediately and risk losing buyers because of being unprepared.

The past, present and future buyers and sellers can all learn from each other. Each one of them is wonderfully unique and armed with a dream.

As you approach change, I hope you do so with an excitement of what will come. There is always opportunity no matter how old or how young you are.

Happy Sunday,


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