Pets and Property

 I entered a vacant condominium for sale with a client. We began the showing looking in the entry closet, slowly wandering into the living room and around the corner into the kitchen we are suddenly faced with a free roaming wild eyed ferret glaring at us. If I had been on my own I would have gone into animal rescue mode however since I’m a REALTOR® I had to think of rescuing my client first (it takes a few seconds to work this out in your brain before acting). We gently left the unit, backing out so we could watch its activity. I didn’t sell the condo and I did follow up on the ferret who was picked up by his neglectful owner.

An appointment to view a particularly nice home in a good subdivision turned into another mild rescue mission when faced with an attack cat. I love cats and have been blessed with never a bad moment with them. This situation however was not turning the right corner. With every step we took, the cat was right there growling. We managed a mini tour of the main floor and headed for the lower floor but the cat blocked the stairs. He puffed up, growled and let us know that was as far as we were going. I judged we were minutes away from an actual attack so we wisely left. It took close to a year for this house to sell.

Sitting at a listing interview surrounded by small dogs who were reasonably friendly though very loud with their barking. One sauntered over to my side and promptly peed on my purse sitting on the floor. The owner laughed and said they often peed on that level of the home. Oh my. I asked for paper towels.

I love signs that say “Don’t let the cat out”. Since I have cats I know full well what is involved in getting them back should they get out so I’m acutely aware of them on showings. One house had that sign on a bedroom door. Myself and the buyers calculated that we could burst into the room to view it, quickly enough not to allow escape. We were wrong. Both cats got out and we spent the next 45 minutes trying to round these two up. It was hilarious and fortunately the cats didn’t mind being handled by strangers.

There are many more tales, like space that has “Do Not Enter” stamped on the door. Behind one garage door were well over 15 dogs, another had a very agitated Goose tucked away in a work shop and during one listing appointment the owner had a Parrot which she said was friendly as it inched up my arm.

What have I learned? To take it all in stride. People, just like me, love their pets and bless them for doing so. It’s my job to help assure the home owners that they will be safe and not let out as well as help them figure out how to handle showings with pets in the home.

If you don’t laugh you’ll surely go crazy.

Have a great week.


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