Pricing Your Home to Sell

When the market changes as it has in the Annapolis Valley over the last 18 months, pricing a home for sale takes more than an uneducated guess.

You're thinking of selling? Where do you start? 

You call your friends, colleagues and family to accumulate a list of trusted REALTORS® in your area. Invite at least 3 into your home for an evaluation. 

1. Let me back up a minute and elaborate on "REALTORS® in your area". The other day I was invited to compete for a listing outside of my area. The sellers shared the list of agents they were interviewing and only one was local. While all their selections were well picked, the local agent will have a better working knowledge of their neighborhood, be "on the ground" to react to showings and be able to engage a buyer with more confidence about local amenities, developments etc., than an out of area agent. This is only my opinion, stay local. 

2. Try not to be attracted by the highest price. Have the agent explain the comparables. Your house list price will be based on what has sold not what is currently offered in the market place. SOLD prices are what buyers are willing to pay. Your list price needs to make sense. If the agent cannot explain how they arrived at that price then you are to proceed with caution when deciding to put that number out in the market place.

3. Pricing low. We are in a sellers market, in many areas. Believe it or not you can't price too low. If you come out of the gate at a low price, the buyers will flock to the home and you will receive multiple offers which will drive the price up. The only caution here would be to advertise offers stay open for a longer period of time to allow more buyers a chance to bid.

4. Being ready. Get good advice on having your home market ready. It makes a difference; a huge difference. When buyers are looking at the photos of your home online they are looking to be impressed. Unprofessional photos, untidy rooms and ungroomed exterior can stop the phone ringing. With a bit of effort, a few hundred dollars, your outside can look 100% percent better and appointments will be booked.

5. Pricing and marketing should be tailor made to your property, and you. 

When my daughter was little and I was helping her make decisions I would say "do the right thing and the right thing happens". 

Go the distance and it will pay off. 

Have a wonderful day,


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