Real Estate, Planning and Memory

I’d like to start by thanking Google Calendar, without whom I would be in an absolute mess. Google is so popular it’s recognized by many other programs and syncs upcoming dates with little to no effort by me.

“Planning” in real estate seems like an innocent and well intended idea. You must plan your daily, monthly and yearly agenda. Include things like seminars, office meetings, house showings, listing appointments and holidays. Yes, it sounds quite doable.

A few weeks ago I met with new home buyers. They were surprised at how quickly I answered their first email. They seemed to be waiting for a response so I added “If I don’t answer emails promptly I end up with an inbox at the end of the day that would scare most people. Second to that I find that when an email is sent it expects a reply in good time”. I’m not sure how my answer went over. Like a million other things in the course of my day; I’ll have to think about this. Does being prompt seem over anxious?

I’m an organizer. One of those people who like everything in its place, as neatly and quickly as possible to keep chaos at a dull roar. Real estate should be in the dictionary under the word chaos. Organizing it is next to impossible. I will never stop trying.

Here’s a look at my Monday. I get up at 4:30, have tea, organize emails that came in after I went to bed, bring up the social media calendar and start reading articles that may be appropriate to post. I’m out the door at 5:45, off to the gym with a colleague. No, I’m not lifting weights or anything sweaty; we’re walking the track for 5km, enough to work up a good “warm”.  Back home, get clean, feed the cats, feed the birds, make a yummy but non-satisfying protein shake and sit back down in front of the computer. Finish scheduling any brilliant articles I’ve found (sometimes I find nothing, other times a boat load of information). I have two client appointments, one seminar of sorts and two house showings. An email pops up from a client who wants to see a house today as well. I have to find out if it can be shown on short notice, slot it in between what’s already going on and hope all 3 of our schedules coincide.

I also need to book a phone call. The potential buyer must find that very odd. If I don’t book the call she could catch me in between the other 8 things I have going on and I won’t be able to give her my undivided attention. I worry she must think I’m over anxious, perhaps trying to solidify our agent/client relationship. That’s simply not the truth. What I want is to give her my undivided attention; she deserves no less and I need that space to truly listen without interruption. So if I book a phone call with you don’t panic. You warrant my undivided attention. That’s all, nothing to be alarmed about.

That’s the organized section of my Monday. In between all that is to launch two new listings which I’ll do the lions share the night before. 

Then the phone calls and new emails pop in which I try to handle immediately and put them in the appropriate time slot if required, all in the course of the new day.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I adore organizing chaos. Why? Because I can. I’m good at it. When I look at a situation, I can step away from it for a few moments, look at it objectively and see how it can be done. Sort of like the main character in “The Good Doctor” without the medical background. I love my career and if it was not this diverse I wouldn’t be in the business.

My article is nearing its end and I’m wondering what prompted me to write it; that’s the “memory” part of the story. Now I recall. It’s to educate you about my response time and the need to schedule everything. I do this because you’re important as is my sanity.

Have a wonderful Monday.

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