You are retired and you're feeling like your house needs to be as well. Like many seniors you're finding your home too big, too much work and in need of upgrades. On the other side of the that; you love your home. Have you looked around at alternatives? Buying a smaller home, assisted living or renting? 

As I continue to write I'll do my best to keep this article to a decent size given this is a very large topic.

The retirees I've talked to find it overwhelming to contemplate moving. From deciding what to do with all their stuff, getting the house ready to sell and finally, find a place to live.

The last two clients I've had in this situation decided to find a place to live first, buy it or rent it, move and then get their home (with my help, family and professionals) market ready and sold. This worked beautifully and was much less stressful than trying to sell their home while living there.

It's complex. These seniors both had pets and a desire to be independant which is understandable and I'm grateful we were successful.

f you've decided you need to move there are ways so don't hesitate to contact a REALTOR® for a consulation. There is  greaqt detail to this situation and a senior savvy agent will help you from start to finish.

Then there are seniors who really don't want to move but struggle with an alternative. You love your home and don't want to leave; you' feel stuck.

There are grants to assist you financially with renovations to make the upgrades to your home you may need. There is a local handyman that specializes in assisting seniors. Finally there is such a thing as a reverse mortgage. 

Contact me anytime for more information. It's my pleasure to help you.

Living in the Annapolis Valley is an absolute joy. There is so much to do, so much to love about our post card environment and a wonderful place to live and raise a family. It's also a great place to retire.

Life can be overwhelming especially when you try to figure it out on your own. Ask for help.

Have a peaceful day,


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