Thinking of Selling Means Thinking

You wake up one day and realize it's time to get serious about your home, again. Everyday the same scene presents itself and you feel the same cloud hanging over your head. You know the house is too big. It requires more work than you are able to do and it's further away from conveniences than you'd like. The worst part is all the stuff. Years of your things, the kids things and furniture you don't use; it's overwhelming. It's also normal to stop the thought process, make coffee and block it out of your mind until it surfaces, again.

Like anything that's difficult it has to start with asking for help. Reach out to your friends and family; ask them to recommend a REALTOR® who can walk you through the process at a speed that you are comfortable with and has the resources you need to go from A-Z. 

Invite the agent to your home. He or she will listen to your concerns, needs and timeline. Together you construct a plan that can work for you. 

I learned a long time ago when faced with a large task - look at it in increments. Like weight loss; don't think about the 50 pounds. Think about the 5 pounds a month. It's less overwhelming. One step at a time.

Last October I met a wonderful lady in her early 70's who knew it was time to move but had no idea where to start. We sat down and talked for quite a long time until I felt comfortable to make suggestions based on her personality and what was most important to her. 

It took almost two months to get this glorious home ready for the outside world to see. Prior to that big day I watched the home owner go from lost and insecure to proactive, happy and feeling in charge of her next chapter. She was thrilled to leave her old home to a new and energetic buyer. She loves her new spot, with her cat, her favorite things but most of all she has control back. 

Imagine waking up to that new life? You don't have to do it alone. 

Pick up the phone and begin.

I'm ready when you are.

Kathy Whitewood - Royal LePage Atlantic



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