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Buyers are usually excited when they are house hunting. Buying a home is a big deal whether it's your first home or potentially your last and they are in a very open minded happy disposition when they arrive at a home. Keeping them that way is all about those first impressions.

As an agent it's our job to prepare sellers to be show ready. What does that mean?

1. The house is clean

2. The house is tidy 

3. The house is odor free (except baking smells)

4. The lights are on

5. The key works

6. Pet instructions are given

7. Music is not playing

I could write a paragraph on each point (that would include funny stories) but you'll just have to trust me that each one of those is important.

On the flip side they aren't always doable for the seller as follows:

1. It's a vacant home and in an "as is where is" state.

2. The seller's mobility is restricted

3. The seller smokes

4. The house has had damage that retains odors

While a buyer can look past many defects, they will be subconsiously deducting dollars from the asking price. If what should be the "wow factor" turns into the "what the heck" factor, the seller is missing out on an offer or a decent price.

The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia is rich with a variety of homes ranging in age, style, size and location. There is something for everyone. Showing off our Valley is a regular pleasure of mine. Having lived all over the country, this is my chosen home and I'm proud to help you make it yours.

Have a wonderful day.

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