Tis The Season

Where did the time go? Suddenly November is almost over. Christmas trees and seasonal decor ideas are all over social media and I can't get "I'll Be Home For Christmas" out of my head.

I'm looking at my listings for sale and almost in shock at the low number. 2 homes and 5 pieces of land! OMG. I'm trying not to panic. This is what happens when you sell a home; it goes from the active listing pile to the sold pile. Deep breath.

As we inch closer to the holiday season we will see fewer homes for sale. Very few people want to deal with having a home "sell ready" when they are trying to pull it together with baking, family coming and home decorating not to mention unpredictable weather.

People always ask me "is it a good time to sell?" If your home is market ready and priced properly there is almost always a buyer in the wings. However! At this time of year, unless someone has to buy, those buyers are doing what the sellers are doing - getting ready for the holidays. The last thing they are thinking about is home shopping and moving.

Lets talk about the buyers that are still looking. At the height of the season (spring time) as an example you'll have around 500 buyers in Kings County Nova Scotia actively looking for a home. Over the course of the spring and summer at least half of these buyers will have purchased. Into the fall another 25% are successful home shoppers. That leaves 125 people still open to buying as the cold weather rolls in. At the end of November, V2 (Hants Border to Aylesford) inventory is down to 285 homes on the market. What does this mean? If you're trying to sell your house right now you have a lot less competition than you did in the spring. On the flip side, only certain buyers are out there and many of them have already surfed the current inventory. Check with your agent about what could move and what should wait for the New Year.

I love this season. It's the time of year when everyone is a little nicer. Random acts of kindness are popping up everywhere, folks are signing up to volunteer for events, stockings and shoe boxes are being filled for those less fortunate and don't forget paying it forward in the drive thru's!

My to-do-list is huge with holiday cards to write, a client party to organize, home buyers, home inspections, paperwork, listings and right now my morning coffee with the mindset of gratitude that I have this life.

If you need any home advice please call me, I'd love to help. It's what I do; it's all about you.


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