Who Are Clients?

This title occured to me on this Thanksgiving holiday while I was thinking of family and friends and their lives. They are all different. Clients are the same, they are all different.

When I meet a client for the first time we both interview each other. I ask questions, they ask questions and we both listen. 

If you're selling you will have a time line, financial expectations, budget restrictions, household issues with children and pets, divorce or separation, family loss, empty nest, expanding nest and the list goes on. 

When buying you will also have financial and budget restrictions, timelines, you'll have size and location requirements, services, amenities, land or not and the ability to make changes, or not..

For both clients, I need to sink my heart and soul into making your goals mine. 

I'll work closely with my seller clients to make sure their house is market ready. Imagine that prom date - start with the shower, hair and make up to perfection, the perfect dress and shoes, hair on trend and set. The wow factor is in the buildling.

This process, along with proper market price, tailor made photographymarketing and negotiating will ensure a happy client. 

Buyers are hoping to be wowed. Even in a home that's a fixer upper, the can be wowed by the potential. It's my job to help them "see" what it can be and how to get there. There are lots of buyers who want nothing to do with renovations, I'd better not show them something that doesn't fit. 

Listening is a skill.

Finally, clients stay clients. Over the years I've decided not to put clients in a positon where I can't represent them. If I have a buyer that falls in love with a home I have listed; I simply refer them to another agent or they choose their own. Everyone deserves and needs their own representation. This is my opinion. 

I love what I do and wish to thank everyone I've met in business for lending me the opportunity to work with them. 

Happy Thanksgiving 


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