You Know When You Know

If you’re an experienced home buyer you’ve probably said this before “I will know if it’s the right house for me as soon as I walk in”.

If you’re a new buyer you’ll have that experience.

Most buyer’s have their wants list and it goes something like this:

3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms


Private lot

Big kitchen

Fenced yard

The house they offer on can be something like this:

4 bedrooms

1.5 bathrooms

No garage


Big kitchen

No fencing

So what happened?

It’s very simple. They felt themselves in the home.

This is why staging a home is so important. Believe it or not it’s critical to visually remove the seller from the property and leave room for buyer to emotionally move into the home.

I love this part. It’s a never ending pleasure to help a home owner transform their house to sell and witness their delight when it sells for a price they didn’t expect.

On the flip side; to walk into a house with a buyer and know with them that “this is the one” even though it didn’t line up with their list.  


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